Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape: SOAR vs Hyperautomation

Throughout my time in cybersecurity, I've seen plenty of "oh-no" moments when companies realise they needed HyperAutomation after they'd already put SOAR into place. Let's chat about that...

Think of SOAR like your trusty swiss army knife. It's purpose-built for security operations, squashing threats, and making your security workflow smooth as butter. Your existing security team can wield it easily. Pretty cool, right? 🔧

🎯 SOAR - A Focused Tool for Security Operations:

- Can be managed and run by the security operations team

- Consolidates security data for quick threat detection and response

- Streamlines security workflows

- Provides insight into security operations with reporting and metrics

But sometimes, you need more than a swiss army knife. You need a whole toolshed. That's where Hyperautomation comes in. It's got AI and ML chops, making it a whiz at automating tasks all over the cybersecurity map, not just in the security operations center. Just bear in mind, this isn't just a tool—it's a whole product offering for multiple stakeholders, so most likely you'll need a dedicated team to get the full potential.

🌐 Hyperautomation - A Broader Framework for Cybersecurity:

- Usually requires a dedicated team and should be seen as an internal product offered to multiple stakeholders

- Builds on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with AI and ML

- Automates complex tasks across cybersecurity domains

- Provides a comprehensive and integrated automation strategy

Here's a quick sketch of how SOAR and Hyperautomation break down across the CISSP domains:

SOAR's got your back on:

- Security and Risk Management

- Security Operations

Hyperautomation goes the extra mile, covering all CISSP domains, including:

- Asset Security

- Security Architecture and Engineering

- Identity and Access Management

- Security Assessment and Testing

- Software Development Security

- Communication and Network Security

- Security and Risk Management

- Security Operations

Now, you might be wondering which one to choose. If you're all about streamlining your SOC, IR, Threat Intel, Forensics, Vuln Managment, SOAR is your guy. But if you're after automating a whole range of cybersecurity tasks, Hyperautomation might be more up your alley. 

Remember, it's not a one-or-the-other deal here. SOAR and Hyperautomation can tag-team your cybersecurity, providing a comprehensive automated environment. That's some next-level stuff! 🚀

In this wild world of cybersecurity, knowing your tools can help you make smart choices for your organization. Whether you're team SOAR, team Hyperautomation, or team both, the goal's the same: stronger, more efficient security operations to tackle those pesky cyber threats. 


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